IMS (Inventory Management System)

IMS is a simple Internet base Inventory Management Program.

Since it is Internet based, you can access it from any computer with access to the Internet and World Wide Web. IMS provides different levels of access for managers, employees and customers.

How dos it work

You initially enter authorized users (Manger, Employee, Customer), Parts and products. You will also enter the parts used for each product.

As you receive parts, you enter them in the system, as you produce products, you enter the production and the program automatically deducts from the parts inventory and adds to the product inventory.

When you ship products, you enter shipments so your inventory of products will be adjusted.

Your customer can log in and find out about the products that are ready for them at your warehouse, previously shipped products and products in transit.

If you do contract packaging or contract manufacturing, your customer will also be able to see the inventory of parts or material that they have at your shop.

IMS can provide users a variety of inventory reports and it can be upgraded with new reporting options.

IMS can be customized and be tailored to your business.