PMS (Private Messaging System)

PMS is an alternative to email for companies with multiple locations who need a system for their employees or members to communicate. PMS is designed for relatively short text messages, not graphics and multi-media contents.

Unlike regular email, with PMS users will know if their message is viewed by the receiver or not, they can also delete a sent message before the receiver views the message.

PMS can be linked to many existing Internet based programs that provides some kind of authentication service for users. When the user logs in, he/she will be reminded if they have any new message. User can then see a list of messages and click on each message to view the details.

Viewed messages can be deleted or saved.

Messages can be sent to one user, more than one user at a time or all users at once.

EMS is recommended for organizations, companies and groups who need a private messaging system dedicated to business use.

EMS is not open to public, so it is safe and protected from email-virus.